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Heading to the Hoptinkin Fair tomorrow.

20120830-051340.jpg. The fair is in Cooncotook.

With no close events and a huge event next weekend in NH we will be going to the Maryland State Fair this afternoon,




A very talented volunteer with Lab Rescue made this poster using Harry’s picture. Harry IS NOT a rescue but we do our part, schedule permitting, to help out at events and with transports.

The beauty of having already attended 12 events this season we can take sometime off. In the end we have to work it around our job and the desirability of an event whether it is 2 hours away as one was this weekend or across the country as a regional was. We already have our invite so a trip to Arkansas was out and we had no desire to attend an event that did not interest us. Our next National event is labor Day weekend, we are traveling 9 hours and sadly have to pass up an event at a Cabela’s we would actually want to attend but they conflict. We are not going to our own clubs event because Harry does not do natural bodies of water though this one is way cleaner than a dirty pond a local club in PA uses for practice. Next year we will be more selective and want to add some new club events outside of the area.